Why INT (Internet Node Token) needs to be on your radar for 2018.

Update: INT has now been listed on coinmarketcap.com.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice.

Internet Node Token (INT) shares the same principles as IOTA which is trying to build a framework for machines and devices. The purpose of the INT coin will be used to facilitate the resource exchange between nodes and heterogeneous links. The big take away from the INT platform is it does not require users to share data. Through decentralized and economy driven methods, INT is a new way to make standards for device interconnection in the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IOT) era. It is similar to IOTA, but targeting the Chinese marketplace and economy. The INT team released an update recently expecting to be fully launched by the end of January

  • INT reportedly has some massive partners already set up. As to date they are partnered with IBM, Huawei, and Microsoft Research. Source
  • INT will provide solutions for Intel Pharmaceutical’s drug packaging turnaround tracking. Zhejiang Intel Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a well-known regional pharmaceutical distribution and distribution company with more than 1,000 upstream suppliers and over 18,000 downstream end-users. Its sales network covers Zhejiang and radiates to the east of China, covering the province’s pharmaceutical enterprises and Medical institutions, the proportion of the total sales of more than 75%; commitment to the disaster in Zhejiang Province, the task of drug stocks. Source
  • INT is partnered with Ruff to provide supply chain financial solutions for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies. Ruff is an IoT operating system that supports JavaScript development and application, providing software developers with an open, efficient and agile IoT application development platform that makes IoT application development easier. Source
  • The team is full of extremely promising individuals that have all worked for highly regarded organizations. Many of them have connections to either Huawei or Microsoft.
  • Yanming Cao 20 years of IT experience, worked for Microsoft, SAP, HCL and other well-known software companies.
  • Tan Lei is aBlockchain and Big Data Mining Specialist, Worked for Microsoft for 13 years, Wrote “Blockchain 2.0” and other books. Respected in the blockchain industry.
  • Guanghui Chen SEG leader at Huawei. From 1993 to 2005, he worked as R & D Engineer for CDMA Switch Development Department.
  • INT just attended the Finwise Global Blockchain Summit , which was held yesterday. Additionally, INT attended the SACC 2017 Ninth China System Architect Conference. Source
  • INT is not even listed on coinmarketcap.com yet. It is roughly $.30/coin, with a 40million market cap, as there are only 150 million circulating coins. As of now, the coin is listed on OKEX, Coinegg, Allcoin, and Coolcoin.

As the IOT industry continues to expand there will be a high demand for projects like INT.

Official Website: https://intchain.io
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/INTCHAIN
Subreddit: https://reddit.com/r/INT_Chain
Whitepaper: https://intchain.io/whitepaper/INT-whitepaper-release-EN.pdf

Source: https://redd.it/7qat3z

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