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Blockchain technology is amazing and I believe that Helium is the first physical use of that technology that makes sense. Helium will change the future and help build Internet of Thing (IoT).

The company launched a new device that provides hundreds of square miles of wireless coverage. This is possible…

I’ve played around with Amazon FBA for years, but never could find the proper conversion. No matter how much I tried. I recently moved over to Ebay (Janurary 2020) and having way more success.. but why?

I’ve always had this philosophy that just because something works or does not work I need to fully understand why. So let’s find out.

As you can see from above this is why ads are very important. Sales conversion rate vs Average sold ad rate.

5,266,048 people have seen (impressions) my Ebay listings of that only 0.23% (12,094 people) have clicked through and of those only 85 people purchased.

That means I for every $1 spent in advertisement I get $14.69 back. Now the real question is this scalable? Let’s find out.


We are always looking for a quick fix to our productivity. It can be from energy drinks, coffee to meditation with the hopes of being more focused and accomplishing more.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last two decades, for 2/3rds of my life. With this comes long hours, long…

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice.

Basis is a company that aims to create a cryptocurrency with a stable value against the dollar. The team wants to develop a new token that “people will actually use, instead of use to speculate”. …

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice.

Keep (KEEP) is an off-chain container for private data. Keep plans to help contracts harness the full power of the public blockchain; enabling deep interactivity with private data. By creating a bridge between the public blockchain and private data without compromising on reliability or…

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice.

Eco wants to create a verified network of universities to help build an evenly distributed and cooperative financial infrastructure. The focus is an easy to use platform that is energy efficient. Eco will be a global currency not controlled by any single individual, organization…

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice.

TE-FOOD (TFD)is a fresh food supply and quality ecosystem involving supply chain companies, consumers, and authorities. TE-FOOD is used by more than 6000 companies, it manages more than 400,000 transactions daily and it reaches 30 million people. …

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice.

Update: Wanchain has been listed on Binance and listed on and is currently trading.

Wanchain (WAN)is a distributed financial platform that enables private, cross-blockchain smart contract execution that aims to unite the world’s isolated digital assets. The big take away from the WAN…

The cryptocurrency market is crashing, but some of the biggest Bitcoin wallets are ‘buying’ Bitcoin. Bitcoin is on Sale for 50% off.

The cryptocurrency market in 2018 alone has had two major ‘crashes’. The most recent dip being parallel to the Dow Jones, which suffered a crash of 1000-points. …

I’ve been getting messages as of recent with the following question: “Should I invest in Bitcoin?”.

Firstly what is Bitcoin? You Trade it like stock; Spend it like cash; Store it like gold. Best performing asset of 2015, 2016, and 2017. The longer version is Bitcoin is not a stock…


Fraser ‘Spazzer’ House: Esports Advisor, Entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. We ♥ #esports. l Past COO @GAMURScom | @abiosgaming

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