I’ve played around with Amazon FBA for years, but never could find the proper conversion. No matter how much I tried. I recently moved over to Ebay (Janurary 2020) and having way more success.. but why?

I’ve always had this philosophy that just because something works or does not work I need to fully understand why. So let’s find out.

As you can see from above this is why ads are very important. Sales conversion rate vs Average sold ad rate.

5,266,048 people have seen (impressions) my Ebay listings of that only 0.23% (12,094 people) have clicked through and of those only 85 people purchased.

That means I for every $1 spent in advertisement I get $14.69 back. Now the real question is this scalable? Let’s find out.



Fraser ‘Spazzer’ House: Esports Advisor, Entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. We ♥ #esports. l Past COO @GAMURScom | @abiosgaming

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